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      登錄 注冊
      幡狀云 fall streak
      pennant or streamer used in ...
      幢一幢摩天大樓 a skyscraper
      幢幢 flickering
      a piece of cloth for binding...
      carriage curtains
      幪見 "拼蠓"
      cabinet-formed curtain
      curtain of cart cart cloth b...
      shield short for the Ten Hea...
      干一行愛一行 love whatever job one takes ...
      干事 work
      干事不明 act with an utter lack of di...
      干事麻利的人 quick and neat worker
      干云蔽日 Tall trees cover the sun.
      干井 dry well
      干親 nominal kinship
      干休所 sanatorium for outgoing cadr...
      干冰 drikold
      干冰冷凍療法 dry ice therapy
      干冷 dry and cold
      干凍 dry freeze
      干凍土 dry freeze ground
      干凈 clean
      干凈利落 smooth and clean
      干憑這點本事 has only this bit of skill
      干到底 fight to the bitter end
      干制 dry-cure
      干制奶 dried milk
      干制牛肉 dried beef
      干制食品 dried food
      干勁 drive
      干勁沖天 work with untiring energy
      干勁十足 be full of vigour
      干印法 xerography
      干卿底事 It is no concern of yours.
      干壓 dry press
      干壓光 dry finish
      干壓強度試驗 dry compression test
      干嗎 why on earth
      干嗎不戴上帽子 Why don't you put on your ca...
      干嗎偏問他 Why ask him,of all people?
      干嗎把我也拉扯進去 Why drag me in? chat
      干嗎老纏著我 Why do you keep worrying me?
      干嗎這么大規矩 Why all this formality? what...
      干嘔 vomit and throw up nothing o...
      干咖啡 parchment coffee
      干咳 dry cough
      干噦 retch
      恩準 approved by His Majesty
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